The Best Things in Life Are Sweets

The Best Things in Life Are Sweets

If you’re anything like me all day you dream about……sweets. I love ice cream, donuts, cookie sandwiches, pies and anything with sugar up in it.  Here are a few of my favorite sweet shops in Los Angeles. All pictures have been stolen from random Yelpers. Let me know if I forgot any of your favorites.

1. BabyCakes NYC in Larchmont- I wanted to move to  DTLA just so I could live in the building…

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Vivian Maier: Vintage Street Photography

Vivian Maier: Vintage Street Photography

My new obsession is street photographer  Vivan Maier. I’m so bummed I miss the exhibition of  her pictures at the Mary Karnowsky gallery  in December ( don’t you hate when you find out about things too late?) Hopefully I will be rich by August so I can fly to Sweden to see the exhibition there. Here is her Wikipedia bio.

Vivian Dorothea Maier (February 1, 1926[citation needed] – April 21, 2009)…

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Burger Babes

BurgerRama 3 is this weekend and I’m super excited that so many female fronted bands, all female bands and solo acts are playing. Here are some of the bands I can’t wait to see! There are a ton more playing but these are my favs.




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Gallery Girls: Where are they now?

Gallery Girls: Where are they now?

Since it’s Woman Crush Wednesday I wanted to talk about my favorite Bravo show of all time “Gallery Girls”. It only lasted one season (boo). To full the void I decided I would Google the cast members to see what they are doing now and if they accomplished their gallery goals.

Liz  ( The blonde one with tattoo sleeve)-  @lizmargulies

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Pictures from Girls in the Garage: All Girl Car Show

Pictures from Girls in the Garage: All Girl Car Show

The Campy Crush team had a very productive weekend with two pop up shops! Our first stop was at the “Girls in the Garage: All Girl Car Show” and the second  was at Church of Seitan. Here are some pictures from Girls in the Garage, taken by myself and Emily. My phone had a mental breakdown because it was too hot, so I didn’t get to take that many pictures. There was a ton of beautiful cars,…

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